SEAWITCH Remediation Project

Seawitch SunkOn Sunday September 14, 2008, Resolve Marine along with CSERT Safety acting as site safety coordinator successfully re-floated the remains of the C/V SEAWITCH. The refloating of the SEAWITCH was divided into two shifts. The day shift was responsible for starting the process and removing the bulk of the water from the wreck. The night shift stripped the tanks of any remaining water.

In addition to using pumps, Resolve Marine also implemented chain pullers to stabilize the vessel during refloat. The chain pullers, one on each side of the vessel, were connected to chains that ran underneath the vessel.
Seawitch Raised
The purpose of the chains was to prevent the vessel from rolling during refloat. Each chain puller was assisted with a crane to help move the chain. CSERT Safety's Site Safety Officer worked with Resolve Marine to monitor the possible hazards associated with the safe refloating of the SEAWITCH. In addition to Resolve Marine’s crew, Miller Environmental was on site to decontaminate the equipment and contain the oil from the wreck.