Girard Point Project Management
Girard Point Sunk CSERT Safety teamed with Meredith Management to assist the owners of two tug boats that sunk in the early morning hours of Sunday July 28th along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.

Meredith Management was called by the owners of the tugs to assist in the management of the effort as the sinking resulted in a spill of oil to the river. CSERT Safety and Meredith worked with the U. S. Coast Guard and local and state agencies to monitor the cleanup and salvage efforts.

The two out-of-service tugboats were docked at Girard Point, Pier 1 along the Schuylkill River near the Girard Point Bridge. The sinking of the tugs, which had been laid up for a number of years, was considered suspicious as the tugs were photographed at dusk on Saturday evening by a local photographer. The photograph showed the tugs riding high in the water with no apparent problems.

CSERT Safety and Meredith Management provided spill management, site safety and security services.

Girard Point Salvaged