NCAA Final Four Playoffs
Two recent emergency exercise were conducted in conjunction with Delaware County, PA, local response agencies and two local universities. One was a full-scale exercise that involved one university activities relative to playing in the NCAA Basketball Tournament Final Four. The exercise deployed university and local law enforcement resources on campus with the potential scenario involving students and outside influences on campus filling the basketball arena to watch the university basketball team play to reach the Championship game. Equipment in the form of the county’s field command unit, county and local emergency management personnel, and the University Emergency Operations Center (EOC) were on-scene and activated. Strategically located units were also involved in the exercise to test response, availability and effectiveness. The Final Four game provided an ideal opportunity to test the plan.

The other exercise involved a test of another universities response to a gas leak and potential fire-explosion. The exercise tested the initial response, activation of the Emergency Operations Center, local resource availability and displacement of food service activities.

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