About CSERT Safety

In 1997, The Doyle Group was founded with the goal of building a highly qualified team of seasoned health, safety, and environmental professionals to provide Health, Safety, Emergency Management and Environmental programs and systems development, along with the requisite implementation and management services, to the corporate-industrial community as well as the public sector.

The Doyle Group and The Center for Safety and Emergency Response (CSERT) have combined and now operate commonly as CSERT Safety. The firm has developed an impressive client list, assisting them in establishing or improving their existing Health, Safety and Emergency Management programs, and has trained hundreds of its customers’ employees.

CSERT Safety continues to develop training programs based on the real needs of its clients, a list that includes: oil refining, petrochemical processing, manufacturing (paint, pharmaceuticals, vision wear), transportation, construction, local and state government, dairy, warehousing, telecommunications, higher education, environmental services, and emergency response services.

CSERT Safety is distinguished by the intensely collaborative nature of its approach to the definition and resolution of all project issues. As illustrated by the highly diverse nature of the talent and experience of its team, CSERT Safety avoids “cookie cutter” solutions. Rather, the firm looks to the multi-disciplined expertise of its staff and associates to examine all the facets of an issue—then synthesizes the contribution of each unique perspective into a truly customized response.

CSERTThe same is true in the training area. Strong educational backgrounds, extensive practical experience, and seasoned training skills have allowed CSERT Safety to become a leader in safety, health and environmental training. The ability to tailor coursework to the client’s specific needs sets CSERT Safety apart.

CSERT Safety's success in maintaining customer loyalty it enjoys is based, to a great extent, on the underlying principle it applies to all of its work: Solutions must be practical while integrating operational considerations and not sacrificing quality.

About CSERT Safety